About Hiddn

About Hiddn.

Hiddn Studio was founded by artist and jeweller Rebecca Boatfield. With many years of experience working for others in the jewellery industry and a degree in multi-media textiles, she decided to set up her studio and start building a brand focussed on being as sustainable, and ethically responsible as possible.

Much of Rebecca’s influences come from geometric shapes and forms, taking inspiration from ancient mathematics to architecture like Brutalism and patterns found in the natural world. This provides a starting point for ideas and investigation.

“I see the world through pattern, it either jumps out at me or I seek it out. It’s always there waiting to be discovered. Being able to see pattern in my surroundings brings my experience of the world to life” 

Rebecca uses traditional and modern techniques to create her pieces. Many designs have been hand carved in wax and produced using the lost wax process. Other elements have been designed in CAD and 3D printed or hand made with the raw materials. Modern technology allows some designs to be more precise and help push the design further but all pieces are put together and finished by hand.