At Hiddn our goal is to be as sustainable and as ethical as possible.


Silver and gold: 

Currently our castings, sheet, wire and solder are either recycled or old stock. It is our mission to minimise the amount of newly mined metal we use. Where we have to use new material we are looking in to options that are as sustainable and ethical as possible, such as Fairtrade and Fairmined metals.


Finding and chains:

At the moment it is proving hard to find recycled findings for jewellery so this will mean we will have to use some made from newly mined metals. However we are making our own clasps where possible. We source our chains from a company who have assured us that a vast majority of their stock uses recycled metals. 

Diamonds and gemstones:

Diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers who make sure as much information about the supply chain is known. Our suppliers promote the wellbeing of miners and their communities and environment. We are becoming aware of the possibility of lab grown and recycled diamonds and gemstones, and are looking into this and hope to offer a range of options to our customers. 

Please check out this great resource to find out more.

Studio practices: 

We aim to not hold unnecessary amounts of stock, so many of our pieces will be made to order. We will however create small batches of pieces for our website so they are ready to ship, especially during busy times of the year.

Our workshop will work towards being environmentally friendly, using non-toxic materials, better waste management and recycling as much as we can. Our energy supplier uses 100% renewable electricity and carbon offsets the gas supply. Printing and waste will be kept to a minimum.


We try our best not to use harsh chemicals in the studio but in some circumstances this isn’t possible so we make sure we dispose of these chemicals in a responsible way. 


Our jewellery boxes are made from partly recycled paper with foam inserts, but more sustainable options will be coming in the future. These are old boxes previous to Hiddn Studio, once these have been used up a 100% recycled option will be in place. All our postal packaging is 100% recycled and where possible we make sure we use low carbon delivery options (DHL) and eco courier options for local deliveries.

Promotional materials:

When we send promotional material we make sure we use FSC certified paper or recycled equivalent and source environmentally friendly printing inks where possible.


When we meant all aspects we meant it! We have been thinking about the impact the digital side has on the planet so we chose Shopify as our website hosts as they are investing in green energy and are engaged with environmental issues. We also want a website that is secure for our customers. All our emails are hosted by a UK based eco-friendly company.