Ring Sizing Guide


When you purchase a ring from us it is important that you know your ring size. In order to get the most accurate ring size we recommend going to your local jewellers to get your finger sized. Make sure you are sizing your finger with a ring that is close in style and thickness to the ring you want to purchase. Thicker bands will feel tighter so finger sizes tend to go up in size. Ask whether this size is ‘leading edge’ of ‘centre’. We use ‘centre’ size.

All your fingers are a different size so please don’t rely on a ring that is worn on another finger. Your fingers change sizes throughout the day, so the best time to size your fingers is at the end of the day when your fingers will be at their largest. 


Resizing Rings

Rings can be resized however there may be a small fee for this. Rings can only be resized a few times as it can weaken the ring, it is best to leave resizing to three times in the rings lifetime.  


Ring sizing for a loved one or friend

We suggest borrowing a ring from your friend and sizing this at your local jewellers. Be aware of the style and thickness of the band, if the ring you size is thinner than the ring you intend to buy you may need to go for a bigger size.  

If you can’t borrow a ring you could draw around the inside of the ring, measure the diameter of the drawn circle and use this chart to find the ring size. Make sure this is done accurately and slowly. Having too many lines in the sketch can be confusing and may lead to an incorrect size. You can also use string or paper to size their finger however this may be hard if it is a surprise!


If you're planning a proposal you could always choose another jewellery item, like an engagement necklace or earrings. This way you can enjoy the experience of engagement ring shopping together. 

Average Womens finger size: M 
Average Mens size: T